Not even the rudest of trolls can stop Tinu Abayomi-Paul a patient activist who lives with cancer and multiple disabilities. She spends her time creating helpful resources for others and speaking out about chronic illness, civic duty, and life as a black woman.

Not a Laughing (or Crying) Matter: The Impact of Pseudobulbar Affect

Insult to injury. For many people, this saying describes what it feels like to be diagnosed with Pseudobulbar Affect (PBA). PBA is a neurologic condition that appears in some people who already have certain major brain injuries or diseases, such as stroke, traumatic…
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It all started with a simple itch. Jason Greenspan was watching TV, thinking about his upcoming senior prom, when he scratched himself and felt a small, hard lump in one of his testicles. “I had a gut feeling it was something,” says Greenspan,…
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5 Self Care Tips for People Living with Chronic Illness

When it comes to your health and happiness, a take-charge attitude can make a huge difference. There’s nothing selfish about self-care, which simply means actively taking care of you, whether it’s following a nutritious diet, practicing meditation, or indulging in a few hours…
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We’re seeking people who live with narcolepsy who are interested in sharing their personal perspectives in an upcoming advisory board.  Learn more about this opportunity to share your story! We all get sleepy during the day sometimes. A long meeting might lead to…
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More Than Lyme: How Chloe Built a Community for Healing

Have you been affected by Lyme disease or another health condition? Sign up to share your experiences with Health Stories Project! Chloe O’Neill is a 25-year-old woman who has been living with chronic Lyme disease for over 15 years. Originally a native of the Seattle area,…
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9 Artists on Instagram Who Are Living With Chronic Illness

We deliver new health stories each week! –>   Many people who live with a chronic illness find that there are few genuine distractions from the pain and inconvenience that come with being sick. This might be why so many patients turn to…
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6 Things You Should Know About Life with Hereditary Angioedema (HAE)

We deliver new health stories each week! –>   Imagine visiting Yankee Stadium and being selected and singled out of the entire crowd. Being born with Hereditary angioedema (or HAE) is a similarly rare event. It’s so rare, in fact, that many doctors aren’t…
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 Just Diagnosed with Melanoma? These 24 Messages Are for You

We deliver new health stories each week! –>   Catching melanoma early can save your life, but diagnosis is often a tricky process. After initial discovery of a suspicious mole there is a biopsy (which involves skin tissue being removed and viewed under…
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Breathe Easy: How One Man is Fighting To Change The Perception of Cystic Fibrosis

We deliver new health stories each week! –>   Inherited genetically, cystic fibrosis (CF) affects more than 30,000 people in the U.S. alone. In fact, about one in 25 people is a carrier of the disease. Still, many don’t know about CF or…
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9 Podcasts about Health Worth Checking Out

I’m a podcast geek. For me, the cool thing about podcasts is that you can hear interesting stories, and learn something new, all while doing something totally mundane. I can learn about coffee while I’m grocery shopping, meditation while I’m doing the dishes…
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Agender in America: Transgender Healthcare Experiences

This is the second of two planned articles detailing gendered experiences in the American healthcare system. Click here to read Part 1. If you would like to share your health experiences, please sign up here. While the transgender community has gained greater visibility,…
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7 Cancer Survivors You Should Follow

Have you been affected by cancer or another health condition? Sign up to share your experiences with Health Stories Project! Before the 1980’s the definition of a “cancer survivor” was someone who had shown no evidence of cancer for five years. But groups like the National…
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5 Ways to Share Your Health Story

How does treatment for multiple sclerosis affect someone’s social life? Does medication for Hidradenitis Suppurativa improve emotional well-being? Can exercise make daily life with type 1 diabetes easier? We all know that questions like these are important for people living with a serious…
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We first met Jim and learned his story when he signed up to participate in a virtual patient panel. If you’re interested in sharing your story and hearing about opportunities like the one Jim had, sign up to share your story. “This is…
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We deliver new health stories each week! –>   Pregnancy is supposed to be a joyous time of anticipation. Baby showers, nurseries, and nesting all add to the fun and excitement. Even when morning sickness gets extreme, and doctors’ visits get old, it’s…
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Netflix & Heal - From cancer to congestive heart failure, these 8 Netflix documentaries tell true stories of incredible people fighting illness.

When it comes to recovering from an illness or staying in because of something chronic, Netflix documentaries can be a life saver. Not only are they a welcome distraction, they can also help us find more understanding and compassion towards those with experiences…
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Imagine your last healthcare experience – whether you were at the doctor’s office or hospital, as a patient, visitor, or caretaker. Whatever the reason, it probably wasn’t fun. Healthcare experiences can be simultaneously exhausting, stressful, and boring. For many living with illness, distraction,…
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You can’t put Charles Mattocks in just one box: actor, award-winning director, chef – he’s embraced a lot of roles in his life. One that’s most important to him personally, though, is his role as a health advocate, for both type 2 diabetes…
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This is the first of two planned articles detailing gendered experiences in the American healthcare system. If you would like to share your health experiences, please sign up here. Although the transgender community has achieved greater visibility in the American public eye, the…
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We deliver new health stories each week! –>   Osteoporosis is a disease that happens when the body loses too much bone mass, can’t produce enough new bone tissue, or sometimes both of these factors. The bones of people with osteoporosis become weak…
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