I survived two very rare cancers in two years which included many treatments and surgeries. I want to encourage others who are facing a cancer diagnosis, and have the following advice to share: The best thing you can do receiving an initial cancer…
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Images of Frank running, biking, kayaking and advocating for lung cancer research and treatment

This story was written by community member, Frank Noll. Don’t forget to leave a big THANK YOU for his advocacy work in the comments below. Many people think that someone with advanced lung cancer is fairly old, frail, infirmed and probably a cigarette…
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Breast Cancer Survivor Molly MacDonald’s The Pink Fund Helps Women Stay Financially Afloat

When it comes to fighting cancer, the timing is never ideal, but sometimes it strikes at the worst possible moment. Molly MacDonald had just endured a financially devastating divorce and was about to transition to a new six-figure job that would help her…
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After the stem-cell transplant failed, David Israel had three primary choices: a donor bone-marrow transplant, CAR T-cell therapy, or palliative care. David decided to try CAR-T cell therapy, a new treatment that was recently approved by the FDA.

7 Cancer Survivors You Should Follow

  Before the 1980’s the definition of a “cancer survivor” was someone who had shown no evidence of cancer for five years. But groups like the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship (NCCS) recognized the need “for language that truly told the story of…
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