“I have fits of uncontrollable laughter and it’s not fun or funny.” That’s how Jennifer explains life with pseudobulbar affect (PBA). Wendy has the same condition and describes her experiences: “It’s frustrating because you have no control over [laughing or crying]. They occur…
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Ten years ago, when Carolyn first met her husband, John, she knew he “had something.” He’d exhibited dyskinesia, or involuntary muscle movements, as they’d chatted. On their next date, when he explained that he suffered from early onset Parkinson’s disease, her response was…
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When Mark Lyon was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease three years ago, he started participating in new activities. He began paddle boarding off the coast of Del Mar, CA, at dawn to increase strength and agility. He began playing music in an effort to…
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By the time Karyn Spilberg was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, she knew all too well the devastating effects it could have. She was diagnosed just as her father reached his 13th and final year with the disease. Without palliative care similar to what…
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Health Stories Project Bookshelf: Talking to Children about Grandparents

Did you know that grandparents make up more than one one-third of the adult U.S. population? With increased life expectancy and aging baby boomers, we have more grandparents in this country than ever before. And this is a good thing (a perhaps a…
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