Karen recently responded to one of our survey questions with her favorite hobby. Below is what she had to say.

Karen smiling for the cameraHaving a chronic condition is a full-time job. Most of my time is spent attempting to keep my calendar of doctor appointments. I have 8 doctors at last count! Because I am unable to work, I often have a lot of time on my hands. Recently, I have turned to my passion of hobby collecting.

My obsession began at just 9 years old when my mother taught me how to knit, but I’ve branched out through the years. Currently, I’m addicted to YouTube DIY, but I don’t just watch. I’m a doer!

A wall hanging made from greeting cardsFor just the cost of a bottle of glue, acrylic paint, some Mod Podge, and assorted bits and pieces I am creating affordable art again. Who knew recycling could be so fun? I am even considering taking things further than what’s demonstrated and turning into a YouTuber myself. Pacing myself has been a learning experience that folks who don’t live with a chronic condition can’t understand.  I’d like to teach my methods to other’s who are in limited situations, energy permitting.

– Karen, Sarcoidosis


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