At Health Stories Project, empowering patients and caregivers to share their authentic health journeys is at the heart of our business. Only from understanding such a journey – which is different for every person we encounter – can we authoritatively recommend strategies to…
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Britany Quiroz, MS Patient Advocate sitting on steps holding her cane

Performer and multiple sclerosis advocate Brittany Quiroz is keeping it real—and empowering others. If all the world is a stage, as William Shakespeare’s Jacques asserted around 400 years ago, most of us are metaphorical bit players whose challenges and dreams don’t factor into…
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Among the many issues that affect women globally, from the poorest countries to the richest, healthcare is one of the most critical. Improving women’s health makes societies stronger. Countless women simply don’t feel like their doctors are taking them seriously.

Who is the expert in directing your healthcare? Hint: It’s not your doctor. You might not wear a white lab coat or have a medical degree, but you know your body best. Of course, doctors are still very important in guiding your care….
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