Stories. Research.

You probably know that each time you buy medicine, some of your payment goes towards treatment research…

…but did you know that responding to a 5-minute survey can have an impact too?

When new treatments are investigated, they need to go through extensive development and testing. Once they are launched, care providers need to better understand how they affect the people who use them, and patients who are prescribed the new treatments need to understand how their lives will be impacted.

Stories from people like you are helping at every stage of this process. Through surveys, interviews, and other activities, our members guide researchers, provide the medical community with better understanding, and empower patients with the support and knowledge of those who have stood where they are standing.

We are a group of storytellers and researchers.

While we are not a non-profit, we work for you. Our job is to empower and encourage everyone with a health problem to speak about their experiences and advance healthcare.

We recognize that not every problem has a simple solution, and you may feel too small to make a difference. But, when you join thousands of other people contributing to critical health issues, you become a champion for healthcare and humanity.


Storytelling is transformative

People with medical conditions are often silenced, ignored, or neglected. Our mission is to connect everyone with projects that enable them to speak about their health experiences and provide insights. We want to remove the stigma around speaking about health so that no one has to go it alone. We can only do that with authentic stories shared from the heart.

Diversity matters

It is our job to remove the invisible barrier between people with different backgrounds. We seek to share all sides of the human experience and to enable our members to define themselves by not only sharing their triumphs, but also their vulnerabilties. Everyone is welcome and we do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, religion, age, ability, geographic location, sexual orientation, gender, or health condition.

Community insights are valuable

In a world oversaturated with news, articles, opinions, and stories about health, we help our community better understand a range of health topics. Instead of news and statistics from pundits, you deserve to hear from people actually living with health problems. We will relentlessly pursue the truth for you and offer helpful health information based on feedback and insights from our community members.

Everyone is entitled to care and dignity

Everyone deserves respect, equality, safety, and security. Research and health data can change lives and industries but should never be done at the expense of our member’s privacy. We will always ask your permission before we share anything you disclose to us, and we follow strict confidentiality protocols.


We deeply value the information you share with us and want you to better understand how we use it. This short summary is meant to give a brief overview of our privacy policy and practices. Please note, you can click here to read our full policy.

Women smilingProtecting your privacy is a core principle at Health Stories Project. We understand the importance and sensitivity of the information you entrust with us. This policy is not just something we’ve added to our website because we had to. We have worked hard to make your privacy our priority and take it into consideration with every project we implement.

To provide better content, story requests, and services, we sometimes need some basic information about you. To that end, our site uses cookies and tracking pixels. You can ask to view or edit the information we have related to you or opt-out by emailing Our employees are trained in data privacy laws and procedures and our technology is maintained and updated on a regular basis.

We never sell your data and will not share it with third parties without your consent. When we do share your information with partners or vendors, it is in order to provide services to you.

For example: If you respond to a story request and qualify for a project offered by one of our partners, you could be asked to share your responses and contact information with them. Or, you could complete a research survey for us and qualify to receive a gift card. In both instances, we will ask your permission before sharing or using your data.

By sharing your health information with Health Stories Project, you are helping us generate awareness and advance treatment of your health condition. People living with your condition can benefit directly and indirectly from the information you provide to us and we are honored to be trusted with that responsibility.

If you have questions about our policy click here to read the full document.