multiple conditions self injection

Many people living with multiple illnesses don’t just manage symptoms, they also adhere to a medication schedule and may need to repeatedly adjust their overall regimen (with their doctors’ input) due to how medicines interact. Staying on top of treatments alone can have…
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danielle, living with bipolar disorder

Danielle has been living with bipolar disorder since 1996. This condition, and others she lives with, affect her life daily. Here, she shares hurtful words her father told her and how comments like this affect her and others living with a similar condition….
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health challenges

Heidi’s health challenges began when she was very young and only compounded in her teenage years and early adulthood. Today, she continues to manage multiple physical and mental conditions — some with effective treatments and others through guesswork and specialist appointments. This is…
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Angela B. is most passionate about overcoming the stigma associated with bipolar II disorder and all other mental health diseases.  She puts forth effort by educating and speaking out about her own struggles with these conditions. Here Angela shares who and what have…
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bipolar disorder

Jamie, who has managed multiple mental health conditions — and HIV — for many years, reflects on the importance of support and self-care. Growing & Learning Growing up, I knew I was a little different than other kids. When I was a teenager,…
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It wasn’t that long ago that bipolar disorder was believed to be another condition like depression or schizophrenia. “Manic Depression” was first recognized in 1854 by Jules Falret, but it wasn’t until the early 1970s that it was recognized by the U.S. Congress…
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Jen James Shares How She Turned Her Experience With Mental Health Crisis Into An Opportunity To Help Others

Editor’s note: If you or a loved one are living with depression, bipolar, and/or thoughts of self harm the following post could be potentially triggering. If you are overwhelmed or in pain you can contact the Crisis Text Line by texting “HOME” to 741741. Meet Jen……
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Bipolar blogger Kitt O’Malley has found life purpose in writing

On paper, Kitt O’Malley is a typical overachiever. She loved school as a kid and attended Berkeley, earning a bachelor’s degree in legal studies. She went on to earn a master’s in psychology from a private college and studied theology at Fuller Seminary….
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12 Messages For People Living With Bipolar Disorder

During the month of May NAMI, Mental Health America, and similar organizations across America team up to bring awareness to mental health illnesses such as depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. While mental health issues are important to discuss year round, during this month…
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Bipolar Disorder Bingo

We’ve all done it. You know that someone is facing a difficult situation so you say something to try to help. It comes from a good place. You genuinely want things to get better for them. The problem is that what we say…
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We recently spoke with Jessica Gimeno, author of the blog Fashionably ill: The Sick Woman’s Stylist. As someone who fights mental illness and chronic pain daily, Jessica is dedicated to helping people survive chronic illnesses with style and humor. Check out what she…
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