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Flower Lungs

I remember vividly when a close family member was hit by an asthma attack that was exacerbated by dust and mold in a large arena filled with horses. When we bought the tickets, we didn’t think about how a simple show could lead…
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Multiple myeloma survivor Sandy, says that “fighting this alone without support is a hard, rough road.” This is true not only for survivors but for family and caregivers as well. If someone you love is dealing with cancer you may feel overwhelmed, helpless,…
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“I have fits of uncontrollable laughter and it’s not fun or funny.” That’s how Jennifer explains life with pseudobulbar affect (PBA). Wendy has the same condition and describes her experiences: “It’s frustrating because you have no control over [laughing or crying]. They occur…
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I survived two very rare cancers in two years which included many treatments and surgeries. I want to encourage others who are facing a cancer diagnosis, and have the following advice to share: The best thing you can do receiving an initial cancer…
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Nativity Scene Painted on Sheet Music

I have always been an artist. I’ve dabbled in a bit of every type of media, mostly painting, photography, and fibers. I did art every day in some way before I got diagnosed with Behcet’s disease, an extremely rare autoimmune disease, and granulomatosis…
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Community member, Lanie M, sent in this story in response to one of our prompts. What was the best advice you’ve ever received? Leave it in the comments below! “Never let your challenges make you bitter.” This is something my mom talked to…
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PR Maven Michelle Rathman Believes in the “Power of Rural” Medicine

When Michelle Rathman tells her personal story of how a successful public relations expert shifted her focus from representing bestselling authors to advocating for rural healthcare, the audience listens raptly. Hands always shoot up when she asks if anybody else had a medical…
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Tanya and her kids

This candid, personal story was written by community member, Tanya W. She responded to one of our latest opportunities. Please thank her for her honesty and willingness to share in the comments below. When I first had diagnosed with lupus, I had two…
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John Linnell knows how to put people at ease. When asked how he’s doing, he delivers a humorous response with impeccable timing. “If I were any better, I’d be twins,” he says, chuckling a little at his own well-worn bit. “But then I’d…
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Images of Frank running, biking, kayaking and advocating for lung cancer research and treatment

This story was written by community member, Frank Noll. Don’t forget to leave a big THANK YOU for his advocacy work in the comments below. Many people think that someone with advanced lung cancer is fairly old, frail, infirmed and probably a cigarette…
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This is the second of two articles about being a care partner to someone with terminal cancer. Click here to read Part 1. If you would like to share your health experiences, please sign up here. Tiffini Joseph lost her loving mother to lung cancer in…
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Breast Cancer Survivor Molly MacDonald’s The Pink Fund Helps Women Stay Financially Afloat

When it comes to fighting cancer, the timing is never ideal, but sometimes it strikes at the worst possible moment. Molly MacDonald had just endured a financially devastating divorce and was about to transition to a new six-figure job that would help her…
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It wasn’t that long ago that bipolar disorder was believed to be another condition like depression or schizophrenia. “Manic Depression” was first recognized in 1854 by Jules Falret, but it wasn’t until the early 1970s that it was recognized by the U.S. Congress…
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Why We Ride: How the Young Survival Coalition’s Tour de Pink Brings People Together

Recently, friends of Health Stories Project had the chance to ride along with members of an organization called Young Survival Coalition at their annual Tour De Pink charity bike ride. The Young Survival Coalition (YSC) exists to ensure that no young person faces…
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This is the first of two planned articles detailing the experiences of a lung cancer care partner. If you would like to share your health experiences, please sign up here. Tiffini Joseph works long hours at night as a hospital nurse, while also raising…
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Karen smiling for the camera

Karen recently responded to one of our survey questions with her favorite hobby. Below is what she had to say. Having a chronic condition is a full-time job. Most of my time is spent attempting to keep my calendar of doctor appointments. I…
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Giovanni posing under water

The following inspirational story was written by community member, Giovanni Profeta. Help us celebrate his 2-mile swim in open water by leaving congratulations in the comments below! I am a sports enthusiast. Prior to my diagnosis, I was a swimmer and freediver. My…
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