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Sharing your pseudobulbar affect story can raise awareness and help those living with disruptive, uncontrollable laughing and crying. Please take my survey now

Meet Amy Amy Gietzen from Buffalo New York has been living with Systemic Scleroderma for 18 years. Her insights and wisdom come from living with this chronic condition for half of her life. Like other autoimmune disorders, systemic scleroderma occurs when the immune…
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At Health Stories Project, we’re fascinated by stories related to health and medicine, from the personal to the deeply profound. While this blog often focuses on sharing your stories, we also like to occasionally give a shout-out to some of the interesting books…
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On a recent visit to see his family in Los Angeles, Rick Guasco started chatting with his 27-year-old Lyft driver. He mentioned he worked for an HIV/AIDS service organization in Chicago and the young man confided that he was HIV positive — something…
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Jane Gardner never wanted to become a full-fledged member of “the cancer frequent flier’s club.” Nobody does. Since she was first diagnosed with cancer 20 years ago, Gardner has survived breast cancer, melanoma, ovarian cancer, and lung cancer. And just when she thought…
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This story was written by community member, Shannah Hudson. If you would like to be featured in Stories From The Community check out our opportunities page for ways to participate! Emmalyn Reese Hudson graced us with her presence nine years ago, at 35 weeks…
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Lisa recently responded to one of our survey questions with her heartfelt health story. Below is what she had to say. Picture this: It’s six weeks before you’re getting married, you’re about to go on tour to promote your first full album, and…
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Meet Marty Marty has been a traumatic brain injury (TBI) survivor since 1982. His accident occurred almost four decades ago, but he’s still working hard on his recovery all these years later. He’s made incredible progress and has a positive attitude that no…
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If you have an iOS device (e.g., iPhone, iPad), you can record your video health story using our Health Stories Project video app.

Would you like to be featured in Stories From The Community? Check out our new opportunities for ways to participate! Mary responded to our recent question about self-care. Move it or lose it, we say. So, move it, I do. As a lifelong…
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When most people find out someone is living with a rare health condition, their first thought is just how hard it must be for that person to carry on every day, facing their diagnosis. But for many who have a rare condition, the…
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Podcasts are a uniquely intimate and wonderful experience. Having someone in your ear, talking to you, is lovely. This is especially true because many peope choose to listen to podcasts when they’re working, cleaning, or doing something when they’re alone that they’d rather…
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Dupuytren disease is one of those things you never notice until you know about it. The slow-progressing hand condition, which can cause the fingers to permanently contract in a bent position, afflicts millions of people in the U.S., especially those over 60. Despite…
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Caring for someone with any chronic health condition is an experience that is hard to relate to unless you’re going through it. Resources and support for caregivers are often hard to come by, friends and family don’t often understand, and treatment can be…
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