pointing fingers in blame

Despite a healthy, active lifestyle, Michael found himself in an ICU bed with kidney failure in 2019. He was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, underwent dialysis and chemotherapy and then a stem cell transplant. Still recovering nine months following this procedure and in search…
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Not even the rudest of trolls can stop Tinu Abayomi-Paul a patient activist who lives with cancer and multiple disabilities. She spends her time creating helpful resources for others and speaking out about chronic illness, civic duty, and life as a black woman.

We first met Jim and learned his story when he signed up to participate in a virtual patient panel. If you’re interested in sharing your story and hearing about opportunities like the one Jim had, sign up to share your story. “This is…
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6 Messages of Thanks from People Living with Chronic Health Conditions

“I couldn’t do this alone.” Without context this statement might sound a little self-defeating, but it’s true, and it touches something deep and very real about our humanity. Humans are fragile, breakable things and each and every one of us needs to rely…
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Ted Talks about health

Ideas (and stories) are worth spreading! If that mantra resonates with you then you probably love TED Talks. For the uninitiated, TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to spreading ideas in the form of powerful talks. They cover a wide range of topics,…
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Urea Cycle Disorder

Lauren Morales showed no signs of a Urea Cycle disorder (UCD) until she was four years old. She and her family were at her grandmother’s house around Christmas, when her mother noticed she wasn’t acting like her usual self. Normally filled with boundless…
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