Lindsey, living with narcolepsy

Lindsey kept her narcolepsy diagnosis to herself, family and close friends, until September 2019 when she decided to finally post about her health experiences on her social media profiles. Here she shares how opening up about her diagnosis has helped her accept the…
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Three of Sarah's Children

Several years ago, Sarah found herself in an extremely difficult situation involving family bonds and financial challenges. The life of one of her children was at stake, yet so was the livelihood of herself and two of her other children. No one should…
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Matt shares his HIV diagnosis

Sometimes revealing an especially personal or difficult matter to others can change everything — for the better. Saying that is one thing, however, and doing it is something altogether different. Here Matt shares his life-changing decision to reveal his human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)…
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Brene Brown says, “There is no courage without vulnerability.” What would you like to share about a time that you felt courageous while being vulnerable?

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