The severity of hot flashes caused by menopause varies among women. Some women sweat through their clothing, while other may feel a slight rise in temperature. We recently asked our community how the symptoms of hot flashes has affected their lives the vast majority claimed a moderate to major impact. Here we will share what our members shared when asked how they go about their day when experiencing hot flashes.

“It’s embarrassing”

“I literally have to sit in front of the fan for 15 minutes to cool down so I can leave my house. I wake up at night and have to walk outside to cool off and then sit in front of the fan. I feel like I’m having a panic attack when I get a hot flash. I feel uncomfortable due to sweat. It’s embarrassing.”

“It gets embarrassing when I am at a friend’s house and I have to ask them to turn down their heat. I feel like I’m burning up and then it goes away. Getting used to them now.”

“Can’t seem to take enough showers in a day. Hot flashes are so inconvenient they overwhelm me.”

“I’m so embarrassed when I sweat, rather it be in church, or at a family gathering. Everyone says, ‘You ok? You sweating!’ Thanks for the heads up! News flash! I know I’m sweating!”

“I constantly have to think about where I’m going, what’ll be doing, how warm I think it might be, etc. so that I can dress accordingly. I just gave up on wearing fall/winter clothing because I just can’t wear that stuff unless I’ll be outside and it’s cold. So so so many times I’m dressed too warm for wherever I am and I sweat. When I say I sweat I mean it pours off me! It’s noticeable and it’s embarrassing! About 15 years ago I had uterine ablation and tubal ligation around the age of 38. I have not had a period since so I really have no idea where I’m at in the whole menopause process but I know I get hot flashes!”

Avoiding anything outside of the home

“I stay home try to avoid crowds and stressful situations. I am not as active physically and mentally.”

“I can’t leave home other then grocery shopping.”

“I will be so hot and sweaty, having to constantly wipe my face and neck. I get so much anxiety, I’d rather just stay home.”

“I stay home.”

“I try to avoid crowds, make sure there’s air conditioning and/or a fan. Try not to do too much. Drink lots of water.”

Fans and freezers, please!

“I have electric fans wherever I’ll be sitting for an extended period of time.”

“I want to lay in front of a fan and do nothing.”

“When I’m at work I have to find a fan or go to the restroom and splash water on my face.”


Do You experience hot flashes? Share your experiences in the comments!