The holidays around this time of year tend to be a joyous time, but for many this may be a time of mourning, triggering thoughts and unpleasant feelings. We’re here to remind you that it’s okay to not be okay, today and any day. Some of our community members use positive affirmations and mantras to get through each day. Here we share some of the most popular affirmations and what our community shared when we asked what helps them find joy, control insecurities and reduce stress.

Mantras used within our community

“I am not defined by my disease.”

“It’s okay to say, ‘No.'”

“Whatever I accomplish today is enough.”

“I have survived 100% of my worst days.”

“Self-care is total care.”

“I accept help with gratitude.”

“Recovery isn’t being lazy; we are all human and need rest.”

“Avoiding negative people and situations”

“Focusing on things I can control. Living ‘out of the moment.’ When the pain is intense or other symptoms, I find an escape helps so much to reduce stress, a good book, playlist, or movie. Then on a day with more tolerable symptoms, savor every good thing. My biggest is look for the good in every day. There is always at least one good thing, usually it’s small, but there’s good.”

“Poetry and positivity with my core group. Social interactions are vital for mental health but only if one is comfortable. Avoiding negative people and situations provides the possibility to thrive and survive.”

“Meditation helps me”

“I use meditation to reduce stress and I use principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to challenge my negative thoughts/feelings. I also try to communicate directly/assertively and ask clearly for what I need in interactions with people, which reduces a lot of interpersonal worry and stress.”

“Meditation helps me. Talking things through with my wife, exercising, and detaching myself from people and situations who/which are toxic.”

Having a support system

“Luckily I have good support at home, a great online support group with a network of supportive friends. I’ve learned to listen to my body, work through the grief of set backs and find joy in the simpler things. Acceptance is a key component. Once you accept the situation, you can start planning and figuring out what realistic goals to set.”

“Faith in God. Support of my spouse. Love and interaction with family and friends.”

Reflecting and practicing gratitude

“Looking at the people I have in my life (including my pet) and realizing that I am very fortunate.”

“Gratefulness. I just keep reminding myself that I have so much to live for! Family and loved ones.”

“My pet and also seeing how many people are homeless and don’t even have a roof or clothes or food. I am grateful that I do, that I am safe and healthy and have at least no food or clothing insecurities.”


Do you use any mantras or positive affirmations to get through the day? Share them in the comments!