We each experienced 2021 differently—for some, this was the year they accomplished things they had been working towards for months, for others, diseases progressed and loved ones were lost. We recently asked our community to reflect on 2021 and all of the highs and lows experienced. Here we share some of the anonymous responses we received.

Taking chances

“I am really proudest of taking chances and saying, ‘Yes,’ to opportunities that put me in the public eye more, including hosting live events (virtually) that heretofore would have scared me off quickly. I’ve also taken the opportunity to engage in a bit of self love that I’ve been putting off for nearly three decades. What could that be, you say? I’ve finally decided that I’m worth the investment in myself and begun decorating my room, creating a sanctuary. Before now I’d thought I couldn’t ‘waste’ money and resources, especially since I am the primary financial support for both my offspring and parent, and living with MS. Yet, since I have finally made one room in this house a reflection of me, I feel SO much better physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I’m worth it. You are, too. If you don’t see your ‘Zen’ when you look around you, create it.”

“I have finished my required statistics course on my journey to earning my PhD. The most difficult class I had to face, statistics nearly defeated me, but receiving the Awas an incredible accomplishment considering I had two ER trips, a major infection and multiple medication adjustments for high blood pressure (probably related to the statistics class!).”

“I had broken my wrist this summer and after getting the cast off, my right hand and wrist was almost useless. I chose to go to a new (for me) occupational therapist. She was great and with a lot of work in just a month, I was back to normala giant feat for me!”


“Proud of having another year and actually feeling good even though my cancer is slowly growing after being stable.”

“Staying alive as a black woman.”

“Just getting through the year. It’s been even more difficult than 2020 was (something I never thought possible).”

Taking care of others

“My volunteer work at a dog rescue. I regularly post available dogs on their website using my WordPress skills.”

“Taking care of my family.”

Take the time to share

There’s still time to share, if you’d like to participate. A lot happened this year, and we all experienced highs and lows. Some took leaps of faith, others found support and resources that may have helped save their lives and many learned new skills. What are you most proud of accomplishing this year? Share in the comments.