Three of Sarah's Children

Several years ago, Sarah found herself in an extremely difficult situation involving family bonds and financial challenges. The life of one of her children was at stake, yet so was the livelihood of herself and two of her other children. No one should…
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Hobbies don’t just help us pass the time. These enjoyable activities can have mental and physical health benefits as well. Three Health Stories Project members — Jolie, Kanani and Tyler — share how their creative pursuits help them manage their health, from providing…
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How Hard Work and Support Helped Rain Blu Cope with PTSD

Rain Blu was a young mother working as an emergency services dispatcher when she began to experience debilitating anxiety and bouts of dissociation. She’d get stuck in high panic mode for days on end. She started to wonder if she were going crazy….
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PTSD Resources

Imagine never feeling safe. Simply closing your eyes can cause you to relive the worst moments of your life in vivid detail. This is how some people have described living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). According to U.S. Department of Federal Affairs,…
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When Alex Stone left home to attend college just over a decade ago, the freshman arrived on campus with an unusually furry roommate. Stone, now 30, has cerebral palsy, a disease that affects his movement and balance. He knew he’d need assistance living…
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