Jenny in Hospital, pacemaker

Jenny had a pacemaker implanted before she was 40 years old — and that was after experiencing multiple other serious health issues. Since then, she contracted COVID-19 and dealt with long-term symptoms. Given these challenges, Jenny’s survival surprised her as much as the…
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Community Insights Are Valuable Our site will never be a place to come and get every fact or the latest piece of news about any health condition. However, we will continue to share results from surveys you generously respond to. Last year, we…
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We’re all experiencing this pandemic both together and in isolation. We checked in one last time in 2020 and asked how you all were doing. Some of the questions were new, and some were identical to questions we asked last spring so we could…
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For Art, who was diagnosed with HIV in January 1989, watching the COVID-19 pandemic unfold has been reminiscent of his experience living through the AIDS epidemic that ravaged the US in the 1980s and 1990s. “I grew up in the epicenter of HIV…
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Dr. Pineda in a wheelchair, smiling

As concerns about the coronavirus continue to mount, one organization is reminding governments and communities not to forget about people with disabilities. World Enabled, founded in 2003, aims to build inclusive societies for people with disabilities and older persons. With COVID-19 continuing to…
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Taryn, Jessica and Jacquie portraits

Taryn J. age 26, was a natural homebody before a pandemic struck Washington state, and now staying at home is enforced by law. Jessica Cannon, age 27, commuted to Seattle by train for almost an hour to reach her job as an accountant,…
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Right now, the world is a scary and uncertain place. From disrupted treatment, lost work and wages, healthcare rationing, social isolation, and subsequent depression, the coronavirus (COVID-19) is disrupting the lives of every person in the U.S. (and the world!). These issues are…
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