Community Insights Are Valuable

Our site will never be a place to come and get every fact or the latest piece of news about any health condition. However, we will continue to share results from surveys you generously respond to. Last year, we asked a lot of questions about COVID-19. Our first survey was in March of 2020, with follow-up surveys in May and December. Throughout, we collected over six thousand responses from 2,500 people.

Your survey responses helped one of our partners, Health Perspectives Group, create a dialog with the health care industry. Results were used in a series of webinars last year to describe how people with medical conditions were dealing with the pandemic. Most recently, they were used last week in an online event focused on COVID-19 vaccine development.

A Multicultural Awakening

Last year, in the midst of the pandemic, we saw the Black Lives Matter movement become a multicultural awakening. We tracked all of our pandemic responses and made sure we had enough data to represent the opinions of Black, Indigenous, People of Color.

This time, your stories were told through survey results in an infographic produced during Black History Month and promoted to the healthcare industry. It focused on the history of inequality in healthcare and the real impact  on the BIPOC community. Below are the images that went into the infographic.


HealthStoriesProject Survey Results