At first, a chronic illness diagnosis can be overwhelming. The questions stack up (What doctors should I see? Which sources of information are the best? What medication is right? Do i need to learn more about the medications available to me?) and there…
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Chronically Ill? 8 Ways to Show a Bad Day Who’s Boss

When you live with a chronic illness, bad days are more than just a case of the Mondays, or your bagel landing butter down. On the days that really suck there is little to relieve the pain, fatigue, and impossible barriers that start…
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6 Messages of Thanks from People Living with Chronic Health Conditions

“I couldn’t do this alone.” Without context this statement might sound a little self-defeating, but it’s true, and it touches something deep and very real about our humanity. Humans are fragile, breakable things and each and every one of us needs to rely…
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