Lisa and Matt are Health Stories Project members from Austin, Texas that believe their community made the difference when Matt had an unexpected hospital stay related to colon cancer. They allowed us to visit them (socially distanced!) to capture their story. Please join…
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Dan “Dry Dock” Shockley is a Health Stories Project member from California who, after retiring from the military and surviving hereditary colon cancer, is the definition of a warrior. He recently responded to our Shared Experiences story request about people sharing important experiences…
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Todd Spurrier has logged an incredible 53,000 miles on his Ducati to raise awareness for colorectal cancer screening. He meets and photographs survivors and says , “I carry a piece of each survivor in my heart on every mile. They are my fuel.”

From Ulcerative Colitis to Colon Cancer: How Renee Holt Dealt with a Dual Diagnosis

Ulcerative colitis is a common, chronic inflammatory disease that results in long-term inflammation and ulcers in the large intestine. It can cause stomach discomfort and rapid emptying of the colon. Even though ulcerative colitis has no known cure, through medication and a disciplined…
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