Susan Brandzel

Susan has been a health research professional for more than 20 years, both in the United States and in Sub-Saharan Africa. She is an extrovert who feels lucky to have found a career in which she gets paid to talk to people. Susan is firmly committed to using her training and experience in behavioral science and public health to help people obtain health care that makes them feel physically and emotionally better.
Real Talk About HIV

Along with the serious health effects of life with HIV, it also carries a very heavy emotional burden, in part because of the stigma that is still associated with the disease. We hosted a panel of HIV-positive activists and advocates including Marvin Anderson,…
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Real Talk About Lung Cancer and Stigma

One in 10 women around the world suffer from endometriosis, an often-painful and debilitating gynecologic condition, which involves inflammation and tissue adhesions in the abdominal cavity. We interviewed endometriosis patient and advocate, Heidi Berthoud about her multi-decade experience navigating this condition. Heidi, who…
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