Kristen Domonell

Kristen Domonell

Kristen is the Community Manager for Health Stories Project, where she helps people share their experiences through writing, interviewing, and connecting. With a background in health journalism and a master’s degree in Health Communication from Northwestern University, she’s passionate about empowering people to share their voice and live healthy, happy lives.

When most people think a negative “what if” thought, it passes quickly without leaving a lasting impression. But for people with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), that thought can manifest into an obsession and they’re often left living in constant fear that something terrible will…
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Rare disease

Q&A: Outlifting Addison’s Disease Tyler Brown is a 28-year-old biomedical engineering student who lives in Columbia, Missouri. When he isn’t busy taking a full load of classes and conducting research, you’ll find him enjoying walks with his wife, lifting weights, reading philosophy, watching…
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Hold the Salt: Sodium Girl Shares Her Story  In 2004 Jessica Goldman Foung received a diagnosis of lupus that would ultimately change her life, her diet, and her career path. Here’s how a low-sodium diet helped save Jessica’s life—and how she ultimately came…
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Couple with Spina Bifida Build Life Together

Couple with Spina Bifida Build a Life Together Kerry and Dan Wallace have a message for people living with spina bifida and other disabilities: Your limitations don’t define you. “There are very few things left that are not able to be accomplished by…
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Making Lemonade with Lupus

Alyssa Mackenzie, a 27-year-old Connecticut native, was recently diagnosed with systemic lupus erythermatosus (SLE). She’s no stranger to chronic illnesses, though, and has been dealing with multiple autoimmune disorders since birth. Alyssa writes about her experiences on her blog, Make Lemonade with Lupus,…
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Bitter Pills: A Game About Chronic Illness

Game nights can be a great way to bring people together. It turns out, they’re also a great way to have difficult conversations about chronic illness, says Adrienne Ciskey, a Chicago-based artist who created the board game Bitter Pills to help others understand…
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3 generations of cavernous angioma

When Julie DeMichiel was 10 years old, she had an episode of severe headaches that lasted for about a week, followed by extreme weakness on the right side of her body. At the time, in the 1960s, there was no such thing as…
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