Tatiana Gill

Tatiana Gill

Tatiana Gill is a Seattle based cartoonist who uses art to show resilience, vulnerability, and diversity that goes unseen in most media. Themes include self love, health care, and feminism. Tatiana has created dozens of self-published comic books, teaches comics, and contributes to local & global publications. tatianagill.com
Common Misconceptions About Mental Illness and What To Do About It

This comic by Tatiana Gill was inspired by comments and stories from Health Stories Project community members who are living with mental illness. Sign up to share your experiences with Health Stories Project!

JOIN US February 7th when we host a panel of 3 HIV advocates and activists who will discuss their experiences with HIV, disclosing their status, and the stigma associated with being HIV+. RSVP HERE. This comic by Tatiana Gill was inspired by the amazing…
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