What if you woke up tomorrow and found out you had a new health condition?

Think about how you would feel. Afraid? Uncertain? Would you want to talk to someone who had experienced the same thing? Maybe to find out how they got diagnosed, what they learned and what’s worked for them. Or maybe just to know that somebody else understands what you’re going through.

That’s what Health Stories Project is all about: connecting people around health experiences to inspire, empower and educate.  When we say “educate,” we’re not talking about replacing your doctor or providing medical advice. We’re talking about introducing you to people who have actually lived with a health condition and are sharing about the things that have helped them and what they’ve learned.

Many of us only think about health in a few specific ways. What we’re supposed to be eating and drinking, or how much we should be exercising. Often, we only think about health when something bad happens to ourselves or people we care about. But health is so much more than that because it involves some of the deepest emotions we experience as humans.

Two perfect strangers with nothing else in common can find out they both have the same ailment and feel an instant kinship with one another. How many other things can make us feel that way?

What you’ll find on this blog are real health stories and experiences, shared in writing, videos, pictures, audiocasts and more. Not only do we want to provide information you’ll find useful, we want to bring you the kind of stories that touch your heart and help you appreciate how amazingly strong people can be when they need to.

You might not have a personal connection to every health condition we talk about, but that doesn’t mean these stories won’t affect you on a personal level. We’re so excited to begin this journey and hope you want to take it with us.

What kind of health stories do you want to see? Let us know in the comments. Better yet, sign up to share your own!