Netflix & Heal - From cancer to congestive heart failure, these 8 Netflix documentaries tell true stories of incredible people fighting illness.When it comes to recovering from an illness or staying in because of something chronic, Netflix documentaries can be a life saver. Not only are they a welcome distraction, they can also help us find more understanding and compassion towards those with experiences different from our own.

These 8 documentaries are some of the most engaging and interesting on Netflix right now. Check them out and leave a comment if we missed any of your favorites!

Be Here Now: The Andy Whitfield Story

Health Topic: non-Hodgkin lymphoma

From Netflix: “Trace the brave journey of actor Andy Whitfield, who received a devastating cancer diagnosis while starring in the series ‘Spartacus: Blood and Sand.'”

Don’t Call Me Crazy

Health Topic: Mental Health

From Netflix: “Follow teens in treatment as they work to reclaim their lives in the face of eating disorders, suicidal depression and other mental health issues.”

My Beautiful Broken Brain

Health Topic: Stroke

From Netflix: “After suffering a stroke at age 34, a woman documents her struggles, setbacks and eventual breakthrough as she relearns to speak, read and write.”


Health Topic: Death

From Netflix: “Witness the wrenching emotions that accompany end-of-life decisions as doctors, patients and families in a hospital ICU face harrowing choices.”

Dr. Feelgood

Health Topic: Prescription painkillers

From Netflix: “A Virginia doctor’s habit of over-prescribing painkillers lands him in prison for drug dealing amidst a nationwide epidemic of opioid addiction.”


Health Topic: Liver Cancer

From Netflix: “In this short documentary, 37-year-old Cristina valiantly battles cancer while doing all she can to encourage others to live in the moment.”

Alive Inside: A Story of Music & Memory

Health Topic: Alzheimer’s and dementia

From Netflix: “Minds deteriorate, but souls dance. Science shows how the proper symphony can liberate lost memories.”

CT Fletcher: My Magnificent Obsession

Health Topic: Congestive heart failure

From Netflix: “This inspiring documentary chronicles weightlifter C.T. Fletcher’s comeback from a near-fatal heart attack and his quest to open his own gym.”

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