Meet Marty

Marty has been a traumatic brain injury (TBI) survivor since 1982. His accident occurred almost four decades ago, but he’s still working hard on his recovery all these years later. He’s made incredible progress and has a positive attitude that no doubt inspires everyone he interacts with-especially at work.

According to a study by MSKTC and American Institutes for Research, survivors of TBI can continue to recover and improve for years after their injury. It’s recommended that people with this type of injury make an ongoing effort to promote brain health for the rest of their lives. For Marty, this means being productive and continuing to learn at work.

We asked Marty to share a video using our Health Stories Project app, so our community can see a glimpse of what this life-changing condition looks like.

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What are you most passionate about?

“I work at the V.A. hospital, and I’m most passionate about trying to do more for veterans with brain injuries. I think setting up a multi-center, peer support network using iPads and such to communicate and share video would be awesome.”

When did you decide to seek medical help?

“Obviously, when I was hit by the car, I was in a coma for 49 days. So, I was in need of services, and they thought that it was significant enough and they life-flighted me on the Nightingale medical ambulance service. Recovery has been a long time coming.”

What is your greatest source of support?

“The greatest source of support has been obviously my family. It’s also important that I have a work family and work that is supportive of me and my recovery and rehabilitation. It is really important that I am able to continue to be productive.”

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