Your health experiences matter.Would you like to share them in a video?

If you have an iOS device (e.g., iPhone, iPad), you can record your video health story using our Health Stories Project video app. Here’s how:

1. Search for “Health Stories Project” in the App Store on your iOS device and download our app. 

2. Register with an email address. We will use this to contact you if something goes wrong with your video.

3. Watch the tutorial video for inspiration and tips on making your video look and sound perfect.

4. Choose your story type:

Share Your Voice

Choose this story type if you have a specific topic or question related to your condition that you’d like to discuss.

In this example, we asked people with HIV, advocates, and educators what we can do to #EndStigma

Get to Know Me

This story type is for people who would like to give a general overview of their health story following an easy, guided format.

Rachel from The Invisible Hypothryoidsm shared her entire journey with the Get to Know Me story type and explained why she is passionate about helping those with hypothyroidism.

5. Record and upload – Make sure to keep the app open until the video has fully uploaded.

6. Sign a consent form – If your story is accepted for publication, we will need permission to share your story. We will send you a link to e-sign our form. We may also be in touch if we have any questions or problems with your videos.

Please note: Unfortunately, we can’t publish every video that we receive. However, as a member of Health Stories Project you will still receive more opportunities to share your story as they come along.

Questions? Reach out to us at