Meet Eric

Eric Grant is from Atlanta, Georgia and has been HIV+ since 2014. He wants to help others live out loud and believes that living positive can be positive living. We asked Eric to share his story with our app. Check it out!

What are you most passionate about?

I am passionate about living in my truth and bringing hope to the LGBTQ community and anyone affected by HIV. I would like to be a light to anyone who believes that they are alone using my story to bring awareness and showing what living with HIV really looks like.

I’m also passionate about faith building and living a healthy lifestyle.

When did you decide to get medical help?

I can remember getting tested, every six months, was something that I did. But, this particular time, I remember having a really dry cough at night. It was to the point where I couldn’t breathe. I’d wake up gasping for air. It would last all night. I would have to sleep with water by the bed.

So, I got tested and it was a positive result. I realized that medical treatment was the only option.

Who is your greatest source of support?

My family has been supportive from the beginning. My faith in God has supported me throughout this. Just knowing that it was all for a reason.

And then I met my partner, who is [HIV] negative. He showed me love unconditionally through all of the doctors appointments and medication. He supports everything I do and I really appreciate that.

Do you have advice for others living with HIV?

Keep fighting. Keep believing in something bigger than yourself. Know that everything happens for a reason and that you can really be a guide or help somebody, save a soul, just by living in your truth.

Make sure you’re always at your doctor appointments and on top of your medication. Use [the advice the] doctor gives you as knowledge. It really is there to help.

Why share your story?

I want my story to inspire hope. I want people to live out loud and be proud of who [they] are.

We’ve all experienced different things in life – it’s just a part of our journey. Live out loud. Help people realize that we don’t all have to be the same in order for us to get along. A positive diagnosis can lead to positive living.

Opportunity to share your HIV story!

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