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The last year has been a good one for Steven Koston. Now 44, the Wisconsin native works in sales and loves to get out on the golf course when he’s not spending time with his wife, Barbara, and their two children. If you…
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If you met Carlyle King, you probably wouldn’t think he’s autistic. He’s easy to talk with, seems to do fine in social situations, and works at Boise State University as an information technology professional with a focus on maintaining learning management systems. But…
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When a family experiences a significant health event, such as illness, injury, or death, it has an impact on everyone. For children especially, it often leads to confusion and questions: Why are we spending so much time at the hospital? What are all…
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Jill Conley was 31-years old when she was diagnosed with stage IIIB breast cancer. She and her husband Bart started Jill’s Wish to help others like her. You were diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer about three months after marrying your husband, Bart. Can you…
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January, 1980. Things were looking good for Mark Tallman. He had just been promoted at the oil company he worked for to run one of its warehouses near Salem, Ore. As he was conducting the inventory one morning, he dropped his pen. Paying…
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What’s the most thoughtful gift you’ve ever given somebody? Was it homemade or did you buy it? Did you put it in a box or wrap it? Think about how it made you feel. What if you could give someone a gift that…
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Looking back, Debbie finds her reaction to being diagnosed with melanoma pretty hard to believe. Only 28 years old at the time, she noticed a suspicious-looking mole on her right calf (it was asymmetrical). Her instincts told her that she should get it…
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The first year of college can be tough. You’re out on your own, classes get harder, you have to make a whole new group of friends, things like that. How about all of the above, plus your lung function suddenly drops to below…
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Did you know that more than 4 million Americans are living with chronic hepatitis, but most don’t even know they’re infected? Many people have been living with hepatitis for decades without feeling sick or experiencing any symptoms. One of the biggest challenges with…
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What if you woke up tomorrow and found out you had a new health condition? Think about how you would feel. Afraid? Uncertain? Would you want to talk to someone who had experienced the same thing? Maybe to find out how they got…
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#HIV can’t be transmitted by:
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💉 Discarded needles
🦟 Mosquitoes
🥰 Kissing
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🍻 Tea cups
🛀 Towels
⛄️ Warm cuddles
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🔥❤️ Sex when virally suppressed on treatment (#UequalsU).
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