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Among the many issues that affect women globally, from the poorest countries to the richest, healthcare is one of the most critical. Improving women’s health makes societies stronger. Countless women simply don’t feel like their doctors are taking them seriously.

“When you’re going through something as significant as cancer or depression, having a space you love is so important.”

Real Talk About Lung Cancer and Stigma

One in 10 women around the world suffer from endometriosis, an often-painful and debilitating gynecologic condition, which involves inflammation and tissue adhesions in the abdominal cavity. We interviewed endometriosis patient and advocate, Heidi Berthoud about her multi-decade experience navigating this condition. Heidi, who…
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Dyspareunia: What Women Think About Painful Sex After Menopause

Comedic author Ellen Dolgen, whose popular blog covers all facets of menopause, doesn’t care for the term dyspareunia. “That’s the best the medical community could do?” she says. “I call it dry vagina.” “During your menopausal journey, you may find that one day,…
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