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5 Ways to Share Your Health Story

How does treatment for multiple sclerosis affect someone’s social life? Does medication for Hidradenitis Suppurativa improve emotional well-being? Can exercise make daily life with type 1 diabetes easier? We all know that questions like these are important for people living with a serious…
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Before the 1980’s, advertising for prescription drugs was intended for healthcare professionals – doctors, nurses, and pharmacists. During the 80’s, though, print ads started to appear in publications that everyone read. The FDA responded by publishing industry guidelines for ads, and the floodgates…
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Make a difference - share health experiences

At Health Stories Project, we work hard to bring you inspiring and educational stories about others but our real goal is to give you ways to share health experiences. Everyone has a story and every story can make a difference for someone. That’s what…
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If you tried visiting our website a few weeks ago, you may have noticed that something was a little off. Well, more than a little off, actually. The whole thing was gone. Vanished. Kaput. So how does a website just up and disappear?…
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Health Stories Project is about highlighting personal experiences to inspire and educate people about what it’s like to live with specific health conditions. Sometimes these experiences begin very early in life. A significant number of children and teens are affected by health issues…
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