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Mountain climbing with Crohn's

Matthew Holland is the picture of health. He’s tall, handsome, and in great physical shape. He’s the type of guy who seeks out physical challenges with gusto, spending his summer vacations on a mountain bike or wakeboard and eagerly trying new snowboarding challenges…
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Yoga for Every Body

Yoga is generally considered one of the healthiest things you can do for your body, and research is beginning to affirm what many believe to be true.  In fact, regular yoga practice has been scientifically linked to reduced heart rate, lower blood pressure,…
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Colleen Johnson is not your average 61 year old.  In a little less than 4 years, she went from being an overweight, arthritic, type 2 diabetic with a rare form of cancer to becoming an ultra-marathoner and cancer survivor. You may have even…
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Pokemon Go

You’ve no doubt heard of Pokemon Go, the augmented reality game sweeping the nation. If you live in any sort of populated area it’s likely that you’ve even seen players out on the street capturing, battling, and training their characters. These players are…
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When it comes to your health, two wheels are better than four! There are countless great reasons to get on a bike and start pedaling for your health. To name a few: Biking can be easier on your ankles, knees and feet than…
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We’re seeking people who live with Pseudobulbar Affect as a result of Parkinson’s disease, who are interested in sharing their personal perspectives in an upcoming online activity. Qualified volunteers can receive up to $270. Click to learn more about this opportunity to share your story! When Mark…
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