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What are some struggles people with cancer have that don’t get talked about?

We asked the Health Stories Project community about their personal experiences with cancer — particularly the hardest parts — and they didn’t sugarcoat it. It’s challenging sometimes in ways they couldn’t anticipate.

12 Insights Into Melanoma Treatment

As skin cancers go, melanoma is the least common and the most concerning. It can spread from the skin to organs and bones and is most often triggered by UV exposure, especially in those who have a genetic predisposition to this type of…
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 Just Diagnosed with Melanoma? These 24 Messages Are for You

We deliver new health stories each week! –>   Catching melanoma early can save your life, but diagnosis is often a tricky process. After initial discovery of a suspicious mole there is a biopsy (which involves skin tissue being removed and viewed under…
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We deliver new health stories each week! –>   Pregnancy is supposed to be a joyous time of anticipation. Baby showers, nurseries, and nesting all add to the fun and excitement. Even when morning sickness gets extreme, and doctors’ visits get old, it’s…
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We have a special opportunity for people with advanced melanoma to share their experiences. Learn more about how you can help educate and inspire others. “It’s nothing, I’m fine.” Sound familiar? Some people just don’t like the doctor. Whether it’s fear, busy-ness, shame,…
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Clinical Trial Participant

You would think that having all the answers, or at least some of them, would be a relief. That the old adage, “knowledge is power,” rings true regardless of the situation. However, when former operating room nurse, Christine Hanson, discovered she had stage…
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Looking back, Debbie finds her reaction to being diagnosed with melanoma pretty hard to believe. Only 28 years old at the time, she noticed a suspicious-looking mole on her right calf (it was asymmetrical). Her instincts told her that she should get it…
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